A Nice Sister’s Gift Ch. 01

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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll probably find some mistakes. A note on the story: although it’s a very small piece, and a story I myself find quite ordinary, I’ve gotten great reviews for it, as well as for the follow-up. I hope you’ll enjoy it too!-

Trapped in her room because of some college homework, Marianne is feeling a little down. Then her favorite song on her “Enigma 1” CD fills the room with mystic music. Following the profound rhythms with her head, Marianne’s having more difficulty trying to concentrate. Speaking aloud for herself; “I’ll take a five minutes break until the end of this song.” She then stretches out on her chair, letting herself slip down a little and putting her legs far under her desk. With her arms behind her head, she lets out a long yawn before putting her hand back to her thighs. But in this position, her cut-offs are pressed hard against her crotch, squeezing her pussy deliciously. Normally she would just sit back up, but for now, she decides to linger in the feelings. Rubbing her nude thighs together, she increases the pressure on her clit and the feelings come rushing to her head. After a few minutes like that, she tries to stop to go back to her homework. With a smile and a sigh, she sees that in her aroused state, there’s no way she’s going to get any work done. Closing her books for the time being, she gets up and pumps up the volume a bit. After all she’s alone in the basement, only her brother’s at home and he’s listening to TV in the living room one floor above.

So Enigma now comes bursting out of the stereo. Standing in front of her huge window, she stares at the dark forest in front of her. She knows perfectly well that nobody can walk by and look inside her window, but every time she changes, she’s a little nervous about it. But now, and like a few times in the past, she uses that little fear to arouse herself even more. Uncrossing her arms above her head to take her tee-shirt off, she sees her faint reflection in the window. Waiting a few seconds before taking her bra off, she looks at the sensual contrast the black lace does with her creamy skin. Turning sideways she looks at the curve of her breasts and she’s not at all sad or ashamed about them. “34C, it’s not the ideal, but like Mark used to say, there so high and perky, it’s even better!” With that she unsnaps it and let it fall down. “See, they didn’t drop, even a tiny bit!” Pleased with her breasts, Marianne unbuttons her cut-offs and they disappear for good. Still looking at her body, she turns around, stretches her panties and slips them between her buttocks. “With those I can say that I’m near the social ideal!” Laughing a little, she crosses her legs and bends down, still looking at her ass. “What a sexy maiden…” Standing back up, she pulls her panties down and dances around. Teasingly brushing her breasts, bush and ass, she lets the sexual tension control her.

Just as she was lying down on her bed to caress herself, she hears her brother Chris walking illegal bahis around upstairs. With a devilish grin, she goes to her dresser and searches for something special. “I’ll give him a sight he won’t forget. He always wants to see me nude, well now he’ll be more tempted than ever! What could an 18 year old boy would want more than to see his 22 years old sister making a sexual move towards him?” Acting on this sexual impulse, she doesn’t mind at all to put some clothing she never thought she would again, and for her brother on top of that! “Since it’s only 11 am, he won’t be surprised if I go up to fix me some toasts in a pair of boxers and a tee-shirt, won’t he?” Slipping on her tiniest pair of boxer, careful not to tear them apart, she then searches for a particular tee-shirt. Finally she finds her old, junior high embedded white tee-shirt. A big smiles comes on her face a she slides it down on her nude body; it’s just as tight as she wished it to be. Turning around, she looks once more at the reflecting window. Her breasts couldn’t be more outlined and in her sensuous state, her nipples stand out quite noticeably. As for her boxers, they’re so tight around her womanly hips that they form a big “V” from the middle up to her upper thighs, with the lower seam even trapped between her precious lips. When she realizes the crazy idea she has, she hesitate a minute but the friction of her boxers against her feels too good and she decides to go anyway.

As she reaches the last step, she jumps up and lands with a loud noise, while feeling her breasts bounce a little. Immediately, her brother looks at her and can’t help but stare at her body. As for Marianne, she doesn’t even look at him and goes directly into the kitchen. Putting a bread slice into the toaster, she then willingly forgets to turn it on. Walking right back in the living room, she says hello to her brother then lie on a couch, turned on her back. And, to add to the scene, she bends one of her knees up and let it rest against the top of the couch, opening her legs quite lewdly. The couches are at a 90 degree angle from one another and, of course, Marianne pointed her legs in her brother’s direction. The TV is in the other direction so, while she turns her head to look at it, she lets her brother at ease to look at her. And that’s exactly what he does. For the first time in his life, he can see her sister’s body clearly defined under her tight clothes.

He remembers all of his friends, when they saw Marianne in her swimsuit, saying to him; “You’re a lucky guy, having a sister like that and being able to see her every day!” He responded that she liked to walk around naked sometimes and wasn’t shy to do that in front of him. That made his friends dream, but what they didn’t know was that it also made HIM dream. He knew perfectly well that her sister was not like that. Anyway, today she is and he wouldn’t let this chance pass away unnoticed. Staring at her breasts and hard nipples, he was already getting hard himself in his own boxers. Full, unhindered by the thin and stretched tee-shirt, they laugh at illegal bahis siteleri gravity and bloom from her chest proudly and, this morning at least, shamelessly. Then, we he looked at her boxers, he could clearly see a little bit of pubic hair and could nearly see her pussy lips. Now he was really getting hard. All of a sudden, Marianne wakes him of his dreams; “I think I forgot to turn the toaster on!” After that, she slowly spreads her legs before getting up. Everything was calculated to let her brother see her bush and it worked perfectly fine. She noticed that his eyes were glued to her pussy, but didn’t say a word.

When she returned, her brother had shifted position, both to hide is growing hard-on and also to see her better. This time she laid face down and lightly arched her ass to make it even more desirable. While the poor guy stared at her beautiful behind, he started to think about all sorts of images that now filled his mind. Seeing her sister straddle him and letting him ease his cock inside her; taking her boxers off and placing his face between her buttocks to lick until he losses consciousness; jumping on her, tearing those tiny boxers and entering her from behind; turning her around, placing his mouth on her nude pussy while squeezing her firm breasts; feeling her mouth wrapped around his cock and then feel the back of her throat… “Ding!!!” He’s awakened of his dreams by the sound of the toaster. He still watches his sister walk by him but this time she stops and bends down to him. Placing her mouth near his ear, she whispers, while grabbing his cock through his boxers; “Don’t be shy because of me, after all I’m the one who teased you. Don’t hold back if you want to help yourself…” In shock, but a good shock, Chris then feels her sister pump his cock a few times before going back to the kitchen.

While she puts butter on her toasts, she looks at him while he masturbates. With his quite large cock in his right hand and the other one curved around his balls, he quickly pumps himself up. Watching her brother masturbating like that sends Marianne to new sexual heights. She puts her plate on the table and silently walks to him. Kneeling just beside him, she watches as he goes on with his eyes closed. Leaning over him to explore these new sights, she assumes that he doesn’t even know that she’s just beside him. Looking as his cock while it seems to get a bit longer, she’s amazed and completely thrilled about this situation.

When he starts to moan, she touches his hand with hers and he quickly moves his away. Grabbing his meat in her fingers, she continues what her brother had started and quickly she feels him bucking against her hand. With her eyes locked on his quivering cock, she’s shocked to feel her little brother’s hand directly on her bush through the boxers. She’s kneeling with her legs spread, giving him the better access she could have imagined, but she never thought he would do that! He quickly begins to massage her and she must close her eyes under the sensations. But soon he shoots his load up and she watches it fall canlı bahis siteleri back down on his lower chest. The rest of it pools down just above his pubic hair. When he opens his eyes, he looks at her, but feeling like he does, he doesn’t mind at all. Marianne pushes his hand aside and then puts a finger in the pool of cum, twirling around in it. Seeing that, her brother finds a way under her boxers and she moans as she feels his two fingers slipping up her drenched pussy. Taking her finger up, she slowly licks his cum off, tasting her now-shaking brother for the first time. Before going back to her room, she whispers to him one more time; “Now you’ll have quite a story to tell all your friends, no?” She then pulls his fingers away from her cunt, not willing, even now, to let this go any further. Wiggling her buttocks uncontrollably for her brother one last time, she walks down to her room and locks the door.

Nearly ripping her tee-shirt off and yanking her boxers down, she jumps on her bed, face down while plunging both her hands down in her pussy. With two fingers inside her and another directly on her clit, she moans altogether loudly but Enigma chokes her voice down nicely. Arching her body back and forth, she turns around and caress her breasts with one hand, the other still stuck deep inside her. A third finger slips in and she pumps them even harder. Switching hands, she uses one of her dripping fingers to trace a wet line around her nipples, another to follow the lower curves of her breasts and the last one to dip in her mouth. Tasting herself, she moans yet louder before feeling the firsts signs of her orgasm coming nearer. Pressing her fingers harder on her clit, she feels the raging fires reaching her and her moans are trapped in her mouth; the feelings are too strong. Spreading her legs wide open, she puts three fingers back inside her before closing her legs back. Pressing hard on her hands, she slowly arches backward, feeling her fingers rub firmly on her pussy. Taking her fingers off, she spreads her legs one more time and feel a load of her juices gush out and drip down her slit before falling on her bed-sheets. The rhythm of her moans and of the music slows down as her body calms down.

As her respiration becomes more normal, she takes deep breath to let her blood calm as well. Getting up, she looks at her stained bed-sheets but since it’s the first time it happened to her, she gently laughs about it. Without even thinking that she’s completely nude, she goes to the bathroom to clean herself up. As soon as she gets out, she sees her brother in the hallway and a silence falls down on them. She stops, looks at him and then smiles. As for him, he’s still unsure about it all and is stunned by her sister nudity and pure beauty. She then walks pass him and, from the bathroom she looks back at him. Before closing the door, she tells him, with a sweet grin; “We’ll have to do this again…”. Chris, listening to her words, feels a spasm in his cock and walks to his room. After switching on his stereo and putting on the same CD he heard his sister listening to, he lets himself fall on his bed. While thinking about his sister, he slowly brings his cock back to life. Suddenly, he hears her sister knock on his door. “Yes?” “Do you… need a hand?”

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