A Wet Reunion Ch. 02

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Hawaii is a beautiful U.S. state, and breathtaking from the air. I watched out the window as “The Big Island” grew larger in my view, starting as a tiny dot on the horizon and becoming a large piece of land with myriad terrain, bustling metropolitan areas and inviting sandy beaches. This paradise stretched out before me like a beckoning siren, tempting me, daring me to set foot on her soil. I had no intentions of disappointing her, in fact I was anxious to be caught in her bosom.

I looked down at my ticket that indicated first class, and the estimated arrival time listed on the right. 7:06 P.M. Glancing at my watch I could see that the flight was actually a half hour early, thanks to a time saving tail wind. I wondered if my ride would be there when I landed. Oh well, if not I could stop and have a glass of pink champagne at one of the many little bars located in the airport.

I had taken to that drink, along with pineapple and other fruit drinks for the last six weeks; the time between when my ticket arrived and my landing. I missed my occasional beer and daily ration of coffee, but was getting used to tea and fruity drinks with rum or vodka. Apparently those drinks made pee taste and smell better, and that was a very big reason for my visit.

You see, this was to be a follow-up encounter with two friends of mine; one a high school classmate and the other her girlfriend and significant other. I had met Sheila and gotten reacquainted with Sandy, my old schoolmate, at a class reunion a few months before. That meeting had turned into a very sexy and unusual experience, the gist of it being an appreciation; even a desire for pee play, urination, golden showers, or whatever you choose to name this fetish.

That’s right, these two women were very beautiful, very wealthy and very much into pee play. Our first encounter had gone so well that they invited me to their domain to continue where we left off that winter night that now seems so very long ago.

** Leilani**

She stood near the gate, eying passengers as they disembarked from the jet. I saw her before she saw me, but when our eyes met she recognized me immediately. The two of us had never met, but I could tell she knew me by the look in her eyes and the smile on her face.

Taking in this lovely Hawaiian girls’ features, she looked to be in her twenties, but it was difficult for me to tell for sure. Around five foot three or four with short dark hair and dark eyes, she had a trim athletic body. Her smile was wide and white, and her eyes tended to intensify that smile. Very big and round, not what I would have expected of a native Hawaiian. Nevertheless, she was native all the way, and a pleasure for my own eyes.

“Very nice to meet you Mr. Parsons” she smiled, reaching for my carryon bag.

“So you already know me, do you young lady? Should I know you?” I returned as I moved into step with her.

“Forgive me sir, my name is Leilani” she replied with a slight frown at her faux pas.

“A beautiful name to go with such a pretty girl, what does it mean?” I returned, ignoring the unnecessary apology.

“It means beautiful flower” she blushed, looking slightly down as we walked toward the exit.

“Well it’s very true Leilani, you are indeed very beautiful. Your parents named you well” I complimented.

“Thank you, sir” she smiled, moving slightly closer to me as more people surrounded us on our way to the waiting limousine. We were now close enough to each other for me to catch the scent of her perfume, definitely that of a beautiful flower. My thoughts drifted off, wondering if she tasted like a beautiful flower as well. I pushed that out of my mind as we entered the car, the chauffeur opening the door for us as he took my bag from Leilani.

“Please, call me Rick” I asked, and she nodded her head in acknowledgment.

Leilani was wearing a colorful flowered blouse with a matching skirt of light, wispy material, and I was delighted to spy her pink g-string as she slid in beside me. Again she blushed a little when she noticed me checking out her undies, but didn’t say anything. Showing off those pretty teeth again she smiled and moved closer to me, cutting off my view of her panties but pleasing me with her sexy scent. I delighted in the fact that she sat so near to me, even though the long limousine would have allowed for much more space between us. I was hoping to be able to sample her ‘flavor’, and it seemed that it wouldn’t be long before I would.

“Rick” she started, looking slightly down and blushing again as I admired her beauty. “We won’t be traveling to the plantation straight away, but the ladies have arranged for a bungalow for us to stay in overnight. I hope that you find it to your liking”.

“Us, staying overnight? Why yes, I like the idea of that very much”. I thought to myself, smiling at my escort. “Not a problem for me Leilani, I’m sure we can find something to do for the evening” I hinted, looking pendik escort into her eyes for some sign of encouragement.

“Yes, I’m certain that we can as well sir, err I mean Rick” she answered.

That sign was there, in the slight curve of her mouth as she looked up at me again, no embarrassed bow of her head this time. “Was she looking forward to the evening as much as I am?” I wondered. I certainly hoped so.

We soon pulled up to a nice looking little “hut” in what seemed to be the middle of a pineapple field, replete with palm trees and immature pineapples growing almost up to the foundation of the house.

The little building was made to look somewhat like a grass hut, but it was a bit of a halfhearted attempt. Upon close inspection it was actually the lap of luxury, complete with a wet bar, sauna and hot tub. The only thing that was missing was a swimming pool, but I soon discovered that a small pond out back and slightly removed from the house made up for that ‘shortcoming’. I made an attempt to help with my luggage, but the chauffeur would have none of it, and soon had us situated, after which he drove off in the direction we came from. Leilani and I were now alone, and I for one was pleased with that situation.

I watched as the limo disappeared down the road, and then turning to Leilani I smiled and asked “It’s still fairly early, do you have something in mind to pass the time?”

“I certainly do Rick” she answered, smiling at me as she as she entered the bedroom. She opened a suitcase and began putting its contents away, carefully folding my crumpled underwear (I’m not a very neat packer) and shaking out my shirts, placing them in drawers or hanging them up in the wardrobe that stood against the wall. A king sized bed took up most of the space in the small room, and I hoped that the two of us would be spending a lot of time there. Did the glimmer in Leilanis’ eyes mean that she hoped the same thing?

“First, we’ll get you cleaned up, and then we’ll have our meal.”

“Cleaned up sounds great to me, that flight was comfortable but long. I’m going to jump in the shower and will be with you in a few” I suggested.

Leilani made no move to leave the room, instead she stood there with a shy smile on her face. After a few seconds she seemed to make a decision, and stepped toward me, reaching for the buttons of my shirt. Her dainty fingers deftly opened each one until it stood open, and then reached inside to gently remove it from my shoulders. The touch of her skin on my chest was felt all through my body, and seemed to center on my loins.

“You don’t mind if I help you do you?” she asked coyly as the shirt fell to the floor. Taking my silence as acquiescence, she lowered her hands down my torso, her skin creating a hot trail along my body until they reached my belt, where she worked the buckle loose. That done, she reached for the button on my shorts to work that loose as well, gently lowering the zipper. I helped her finish removing my khaki shorts by raising first one foot, and the other, kicking off my sandals at the same time.

I stood before her then with only my black silk boxers between us. Gazing into my blue eyes with her own piercing black ones, she reached inside to wrap a warm hand around my now fully erect member, a wicked smile on her face as she lowered herself to her knees. She never broke eye contact with me as she fitted my manhood through the slit in my shorts and began to slowly stroke the hard flesh back and forth, circling the head with a dainty finger to smear a clear drop of precum around the sensitive rim. Staring into my mesmerized eyes, she moved her head closer to my hardness, and I held my breath in anticipation of the feel of her tongue on the circumcised helmet. Instead, she brought it under her nose and inhaled deeply, taking in my scent as she finally relinquished eye contact, closing them in obvious pleasure as her nostrils were filled with the scent of my netherrod. I had to consciously keep my knees from buckling as she swirled my engorged flesh around her face, leaving a wet trail on her skin wherever she made contact. I didn’t want her to stop, but I so wanted to feel the inside of her mouth that a moan involuntarily left my lips, perhaps signaling my needs to her.

She needed no more encouragement, and to that end pointed her tongue at the underside of my humid erection, slowly tracing a line to the excited helmet, and then circling that skin before opening her mouth to take me fully inside. The exquisite feeling elicited another moan as she engulfed me to the hilt, her lips parting and her throat opening to allow me to reach the back of her mouth.

I rewarded her with another satisfied groan as she began to work her mouth back and forth on my delighted hardness, gently caressing my sac as she set up a rhythm between mouth and fingers. At some time during this fantastic experience she had regained eye contact, and I think she read the trepidation escort pendik in mine as I neared my threshold. I’d abstained from sex of any sort, including masturbation for the last couple of weeks before my trip, and was already dangerously close to emptying my full load into this beautiful Hawaiian girls’ throat. Seeing the ‘danger’ sign, Leilani stopped for a moment and squeezed my throbbing member hard at the base just before pulling back and telling me,

“You can cum if you want to, and then it will be easier for you to give me another kind of taste.”

Not only had I been abstaining from sex for the last few weeks, I’d also been conditioning myself to be able to pee with an erection and I told her so. Nevertheless, she returned to her oral ministrations, and I could tell that she wanted to taste my seed first, and the other later. I had no intentions of arguing with this beauty kneeling before me, but my knees were becoming weak and I wanted to get off of them.

I reached down to grasp her arms and pull her up to me, holding her close as I pressed my erection into her small body, and our lips met for the first time. The kiss was long and satisfying as I guided her toward the bed, and then gently pulled her down on top of the bedspread. Again we locked in a deep kiss as she reached for my erection, stroking the elastic skin up and down while it throbbed in her tiny hand. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths for awhile, and then she broke off and began to nibble her way down my chest, stopping at first my left nipple, then the right before traversing lower on the way to her goal.

My desire to see this beautiful creature’s body made me interrupt her journey for a short while. I gently held her back and began laying soft kisses on her neck and face while reaching for the buttons of her wispy garment. Freeing each one slowly and tenderly, I was rewarded with the sight of a very luscious pair of breasts, perfectly sized for her petite frame. They stood proud and firm upon her bosom, her skin the same tone everywhere except for her areolas. I wondered if her all over color was natural or from nude sunbathing, or both. That thought was fleeting however, because my attention was immediately drawn to her very hard nipples springing like rosebuds from their dark halos. Fortunately there was no need to refrain from kissing, licking and sucking on the turbid treasures, and I proceeded to indulge myself in this marvelous pleasure immediately. Little squeals of delight indicated that Leilani was quite pleased with my ministrations, and so I continued to lave and nibble each breast, all the while slowly moving a hand down her taught stomach, and then lower to touch the slight amount of fur adorning her nether region.

Continuing to pleasure her (and myself) by suckling on her sensitive nipples and breasts, I delved lower into her most private area, circling my fingers in the sparse hair atop her flower, and then moving slightly lower and to the side to circumvent the little nubbin resting near the top of her slit. I could feel her body tense when she thought that I may touch her excited bud, but I wanted to wait a while before stimulating her most sensitive erogenous zone. I lowered my hand and palmed her inflamed womanhood in its whole, the heat and moisture emanating from there telling me that this little lady was extremely turned on. I smiled inwardly, knowing that her excitement was not feigned, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I gently squeezed her wetness while continuing to nibble on her breasts, then moved up for a kiss as I pressed a little harder down there. Her labia were so wet that they parted easily from the mere pressure of my hand, and a finger slipped easily between them, engulfing it with her slippery heat. Her hips involuntarily bucked up to my hand, helping me to fully penetrate her moist depths. I spread my fingers apart to allow the middle one to explore her inner sanctum, sliding back and forth within her pleasure zone, searching for a certain spot inside that might be her center. A quick intake of breath told me that my explorations were enjoying their fruits, and she sucked deeply on my tongue to confirm that beyond a doubt. I continued to move my finger back and forth, and her breathing became more shallow and heated, but then she quickly pulled back, smiling up at me and declaring that this time was for my pleasure, not hers.

“Not so, beautiful lady, I gain as much pleasure making you feel good as I derive from you making me feel good” I returned.

“That’s very nice Rick, but right now my greatest pleasure will come from satisfying you. There will be plenty of time for you to return the favor, and I look forward to feeling that very soon” she said as she disengaged from me a little, looking me straight in the eye and then nibbling on my right nipple. With that she moved down my body, hooking my shorts along the way and relieving me of my last vestige of clothing.

“Not fair” pendik escort bayan I declared. “You still have your bottoms on, time to lose them sweet girl.”

I got no argument from her, just a nod and a pull on her shorts, and with a little wriggle she too was completely naked. With both of our bodies now naked as the day we were born, she returned to her oral delights, engulfing my hardness until I could feel her tonsils tickling its corona. Up and down her head went, her lips wrapped around her teeth to cushion them from my sensitive flesh. I could feel her throat expand each time she neared the end of my shaft, allowing the head of my delighted manhood to slip deep into her throat. Leilani knew how to please a man, and I was being treated to that exquisite knowledge.

Cupping my balls in her tiny hand she began to hum an unknown tune, the vibrations from her larynx rippling through me like echoes in a canyon. I still don’t know the name of her tune, but I remember it well as it took me to the precipice of orgasm. Her little fingers teased my tightening glans, pushing me even closer, and when she brushed a fingertip on my clinching asshole I was a goner. Try though I might, I could hold back no longer, and my orgasm thundered down upon me and into her welcoming throat. Pulse after pulse of hot seed traveled from my ecstatic loins and down to her stomach as she sucked me for all she was worth.

Some women give head because they know you like it, and others like performing the act, but don’t relish the taste of sperm. Leilani was neither. She sucked my cum down her throat like a first drink of water after a long dry spell. She expertly milked the entire load from my testes, slurping and swallowing every precious drop of her coveted candy. She didn’t stop sucking until I had grown limp in her mouth, and even then her voracious tongue came back for more as she squeezed every last drop from my very happy testes. To say that she gave a satisfying blow job would be like calling an atom bomb a firecracker. I will remember her for a very long time thanks to her love for the art of fellatio.

Sated, I lay back, a light sheen of sweat covering my body. I reached for Leilani and coaxed her up to me, looking deep into her dark eyes as I pulled her in for a kiss. I noticed a look of concern on her beautiful face, she must have been worried that I would be offended by the taste of my own sperm, but I allayed that thought with a swipe of my tongue across her lips before locking ours together. The taste of her mouth mixed with my lingering seed was intoxicating, and I could feel a stirring in my loin when she relaxed and gave herself fully to our kiss. She straddled my leg with her crotch and rubbed against my thigh as we enjoyed each other’s mouths, breathing deeply through our noses to extend the time that we could stay locked that way.

“That’s the most incredible feeling I’ve had in a very long time young lady, thank you very much” I complimented.

“You’re very welcome” she smiled back. “I enjoyed it too. You surprised me when you kissed me with your cum in my mouth, most men shy away from that.”

“Not this man Leilani, our comingled juices are like nectar to me, hard to be outdone.”

“I hope to taste some different flavor of yours very soon Rick. Would you like to wash me down now?”

I’d love to sweet lady, where would you like me to ‘go’?”

“Anywhere you want to sir. This house and I are prepared for anything you desire, any time, any place.”

This was the prelude to what I had come to this island for. I’d been in ‘training’ for quite some time, and was about to realize the first fruits of those efforts. She had just told me that I can pee anywhere I want to, literally, and so I moved up on the bed toward her face with my flaccid cock in hand, aiming at her forehead and smiling down at her beautiful face. Leilani smiled back at me in tacit approval, so I let a stream of pent up pee go, hitting her on the bridge of her nose and then into her open mouth. I’d been holding it for a while, and so she was treated to quite a heavy stream as I rested on my knees with the top of her head aimed at my crotch. I hosed her hair and face down profusely, and then straddled her face to insert my streaming cock into her open mouth. She happily sucked my warm juice down her throat, swallowing every few seconds to keep up with the flow. I surprised myself with how long I was able to continue, and surprised her as well. I could tell that she was having a hard time keeping up with the stream, so I pulled out of her mouth and aimed at her breasts and stomach, and then lower, to her swollen pussy lips. She looked up at me thankfully as she massaged my pee into her skin, starting at her breasts and working down to her lightly furred pussy, spreading her lips to allow the stream to tease her hard little clit protruding from the top of her slit.

Finally, my bladder was empty and I felt the need to lie down, turning and lying next to her quivering body. I was amazed to see that the drenching had given her an orgasm, her breath coming hard as she continued to palm her mound, a finger disappearing between her folds and entering her vagina.

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