An Anal Awakening Ch. 01

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(An author’s note. As you all know, this is a work of pure fantasy, imagination, and how I’d want something to feel- although it may not actually feel that way in real life. I don’t have experience with some of the things written, they are purely fiction. If you dislike anal-related things,medical fetishes, or dominant and submissive relationships, I suggest you stop now.)

Summary- Mariah’s backdoor gets an awakening by her sexy boyfriend…

It’d been a year since Dean and I got together. Our anniversary was tonight and I was so excited and pumped up with anticipation. He said he “had a surprise” for me tonight. I still couldn’t believe he was with me. Deep tan skin, dancing hazel, amber eyes, playful sexy grin and gorgeous body with a torso to drool over. High cheekbones, deep, deep brown, almost black wavy hair cut short but not to short. He was a wet dream come true. Ever so slightly there dimple on the right side of his face completed the package. To top it all of, he wasn’t just a good looking guy with no good looking brains. He was studying to be a doctor. A freaking doctor. I pretty much won the lottery when he asked me out.

Now me, I don’t have low self esteem. I wouldn’t call myself a plane Jane, but illegal bahis I wasn’t exactly a stunning Angelina Jolie or anything. Curly black brown a bit past shoulder length hair. Somewhere between bra strap and waist length. I dyed it an almost purple dark burgundy red that faded into ombre vibrant multi faceted black cherry red ends, to keep my style funky and stand offish. I always made sure my hair clashed with my skin color, I felt it made me stand out, it made me more individual. Dean said he loved that about me. My skin wasn’t a deep tan like his- it’s a light, barely there tan. His skin would be described as caramel, a darker olive complexion. Mine would be described as close to olive, but still medium. Deep, coffee black eyes with lighter brown flecks, sure they were pretty but not exactly one of a kind.

I was interrupted out of my musing and self examination as my phone gave a shrill ring. Startled I jumped then grinned happily as I realized it was Dean.

My voice was breathy as I answered. “H-hello?”

My knees weakened slightly as I heard his voice. “Hey, baby girl?”


“Are you ready for your surprise?”

I widened my eyes, wondering exactly what this surprise would entail. illegal bahis siteleri

“I’m almost home.” He said right after that.

“Yeah, yeah I’m ready,” I tried to say casually. He let out a chuckle.

“Alright, baby, I’ll see you soon.”

Hurrying to freshen up, I decided it was too late to shower. It didn’t matter, I had had one this morning and I wasn’t really active all day. Deciding to just try and get dressed as sexy as possible, I scampered around my drawers and found my silkiest,most see through panties and bra set. Just as I stepped into them, I heard the front door slam shut and hastily went to put on the rest of my clothes. My door was open and all of a sudden Dean was in the doorway.

He looked me up and down, and grinned as I blushed profusely, even after all the time together, and attempted to get dressed.

He smiled sweetly at me. “You look beautiful.” With an addition afterwords, he said, “Also, you won’t be needing the clothes for what I had in mind.”

He let out a seemingly more mischievous smirk and I blushed. He stalked closer, looking like predator capturing his prey, closer and closer.

I backed up and hit the wall with an oomph. Slowly, he raised his arms canlı bahis siteleri and caged me in, leaning forward and tilting an eyebrow. Self consciously I crossed my arms over my chest, I wasn’t one for exhibition.

He frowned slightly. “Bunny, why do you do that? You’re so beautiful and I want to see you, all of you, and you just hide yourself from me. I love the fact that you’re timid but I want you to be confident, to love your body…” He trailed off, looking at me intensely. Slowly, I lowered my arms and he gave me a genuine smile.

“Good girl.” He leaned forward and pecked me on the lips. “Now, I had an idea for today… all day. It’s our anniversary, and I want you to have as much pleasure as possible, baby, I want you to orgasm so many times you’re crying in over stimulation and then five more times again.”

I was both embarrassed and aroused by his crude language and shifted slightly as I felt heated down there. Silently I bit my lip and he walked out of the room, bringing a nondescript black bag with him. Untying it, he pulled something out.

“Close your eyes baby, and turn around.” I was hesitant, but I trusted him. “Now, go to the bed.”

Walking in small shuffling steps so as not to trip, I sat gently on it. “Raise your arms to touch the headboard…”

I stretched my arms up and felt something fuzzy click, and then my arms were in place. My eyes widened and I wiggled a bit as Dean advanced… preparing myself for the worst.

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