Bad Behaviour Pt. 03

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By the time Gail hit the End button on her cell she felt better. Jan had explained how enduring a brief bit of humiliation could create a long term upside. All she had to do was think of it as acting. With no appetite, Gail ordered a double Bombay Martini for some liquid courage. By the time she got to the bottom of the glass it was already one o’clock. Late again. She toasted an imaginary companion with a final sip, “We who are about to die salute you! The bitch can just put a few more minutes on my tab.”

At her desk Margaret was pretending interest in a spread sheet as she waited. She didn’t want to show the anticipation she was enjoying. But as minutes ticked past the hour she began to fear she’d overplayed her hand. Then came the knock at her open door. Margaret looked up and fought off a smile of relieved triumph.

“You are a naughty pet. Late twice in one day.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Gail answered, “I had to think pretty hard about the choice you gave me. To let you spank me or lose my job.”


“My future here is important to me, Ms. Vandorn so here I am.”

“Good girl, very smart. Now close and lock the door, pet.”

Gail complied and then stood with head bowed. Feeling like some recalcitrant schoolgirl presenting herself to a strict headmistress. It reminded her of her boarding school days. From under lowered lashes she saw Margaret move from her desk to one of the leather sofas.

“Come here, pet. Take off your suit jacket. I want you across my lap like the bad girl you are.”

Hearing that Gail almost smirked as she draped herself over the woman’s thighs. Jan had told her to think of it as roleplaying.

Margaret was elated. Her previous request for a foot massage had been a small test but this was proof of total surrender. She couldn’t resist giving Gail’s firm ass a long, possessive squeeze before applying her palm with a solid smack. First on one side and then on the other. A dozen swats failed to draw even a whimper from Gail. Having obsessively imagined her pet in just such a situation Margaret was reluctant to let her go.

“Those were for this morning. For the long lunch you treated yourself to you deserve another set. Hearing this Gail decided the charade had gone far enough. She rolled off onto the carpet and jumped to her feet.

“You know you’ve no choice, pet. But since you’re being balky and my first effort didn’t seem to hurt…I think the next twelve will have more effect on bare skin. Take off your clothes. I want you back across my lap naked, pet.”

Instead of taking anything off Gail put her jacket back on and moved to unlock the door.

“Leave if you like but if you do you won’t find a position anywhere in the financial community. I’ll see to that!” Margaret was livid.

“You don’t realize it yet lady but the shoe just slipped onto the other foot.” Gail laughed and left her fuming. On the way out she took a silver framed picture of her parents from her desk. That and her briefcase were the only personal effects she’d ever brought to the job.

Once on the street Gail went back to the café around the corner. Her earlier table was vacant and the waiter was the same.

“I missed lunch.” She told him.

“I remember. Another double Martini?”

“No way. Bring me a thick, juicy fillet mignon, grilled asparagus and a glass of the house Burgundy.”

Jan answered Gail’s call almost immediately.

“Looking at my watch I’m guessing you are done at the office. Are you sitting on a now pink ass and feeling very unemployed?”

“I don’t think it even got pink. You would have done a much better job of it. In fact I may just have to be a bad girl for you soon.”

“So how do you think it went?”

“Exactly as you said it would. “

“Okay. Convert the recording to an MP3 file and send it to me. It’s time for me to introduce myself and remind her she was invited to dinner.”

Margaret was still fuming when the receptionist asked if she would take a call from a Doctor Jan Kilmer.

“Who is she and what does it concern?”

“The name isn’t familiar but she said she wants to consult with you about an important matter.”

“Alright. I’ll take it.”

Someone had probably referred their Doctor to her for investment advice. She forced down her irritation and found her pleasant voice.

“Good afternoon. Margaret Vandorn here. How may we help you, Doctor?”

“I am Gail’s partner. Don’t hang up. Please listen to this before we discuss how you can help…”

What Margaret heard was her own voice and that of Gail. It seemed to be a recording of everything that had occurred earlier. Margaret was steaming but she knew better than to just cut the call. As soon as Jan felt enough had been heard and the point was made she shut it off.

“Gail used a recorder for office memos and notes. Very clear sound for such a small mic isn’t, Margaret?”

“Look if she thinks she can bully me into taking her back she is…”

“Gail is no longer interested in that position.”

“So what is it you want then?” A mounting frustration plain illegal bahis in her tone.

“We want you at our place this evening for dinner. Shall we say eightish?”

“You are both nutty if you think I’ll have anything further to do with her.”

“I think you are far too intelligent to trip over your emotions in this matter. Think of the cost of a sexual harassment suit you couldn’t possibly win. Oh and then there is the ever ravenous media. ‘PROMINENT INVESTMENT BROKER COERCES INTERN INTO LESBIAN SEX!’ The story would be red meat for them. The scandal could damage your firm.” Jan paused to let her words sink in, “but then such public unpleasantness just might prove unnecessary.”

“If I agree to meet you?”

“I knew you would prove to be a quick study. Our address is…”

“I’ll get it from personnel!” Margaret snapped, slamming down the phone. She was upset at the fix she seemed to have gotten herself into and that calm condescending voice on the phone had totally infuriated her.

Gail couldn’t stop laughing as Jan replayed the conversation for her over dinner. In anticipation of their success she had brought home a bottle of Taittinger. It was just cool enough to light the gas log in the fireplace. She popped the cork and they settled together on the floor with some pillows.

“So what is the next move General Kilmer?” Gail giggled.

“Only one other question. You told me that she had you doing the grunt work on her most important folders. You didn’t come across any irregularities did you?”

“No. In fact, much as I hate admitting it, she seems to have a sixth sense for a good bet.” She said in reluctant praise, “I’m still no expert but those portfolios showed steady growth. I still think she’s a bitch but probably an honest one.”

“So the only account to settle when she comes is ours. I don’t have a fixed plan but I am sure she will see sense by the time we let her leave.”

“So you’re just going to reason with her. To make her say she’s sorry and promise to mend her ways?”

“I think we’ll come away with more than that. The carrot and stick method is almost always effective. What are you thinking?”

“Up to me we fuck her with the carrot and beat her with the stick!” Gail said with mock ferocity.

Jan spit champagne laughing and it just encouraged Gail further, “Strip her, whip her and hot wax dip her I say!”

“Poor Margaret has created a monster.” Jan said wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

“You weren’t the one who was spanked.”

“I promised we would get even for that but there will be no whips and wax.”

“Aw poop!” Gail pouted comically.

Their door chime sounded at exactly eight o’clock.

“Come in won’t you, dinner’s almost ready.” Jan welcomed.

“Let’s skip dinner and just get this over with.” Margaret grated.

“Since you’ve arrived with an attitude with you may as well turn around and go home. On Monday an attorney from Knox, Drake and Kimball will file a sexual harassment suit. I know you are familiar with their firm. Very high priced but I assure you Gail can afford their services. So leave or come in and behave yourself. Which will it be?” Jan asked sweetly.

Margaret had used the same firm in the past. They were very effective. She was beginning to wonder if she had been trapped by a pair of clever shakedown artists. With little choice she allowed Jan to show her inside. On the way through to the dining room Margaret noted the elegance of the décor and furnishings. She had indeed misjudged Gail’s financial situation. Stupid of her, that unimpressive resume had after all featured a Harvard degree. It should have clued her to dig into Gail’s background beyond the standard criminal scan the firm ran.

The glossy mahogany table was laid with a single place setting of Royal Doulton accompanied by antique silver and a crystal flute. Jan poured champagne and pulled back the chair. The arrangement was quite obviously staged but Margaret decided she might as well sit and see what their angle was. But Jan blocked her from sitting.

“I think since earlier you thought it perfectly acceptable for Gail to undress herself for your pleasure…we will need you to do the same for us before dinner.”

“I will not!”

“Sorry to hear it. Well you know where the door is.”

There was the longest of pauses with Margaret’s eyes shooting daggers. Then with a smothered curse she shrugged out of her jacket. As she shed each article a silent Jan maintained a neutral expression until Margaret hesitated when she was down to bra and panties.

“Sorry to say but everything has to go.” Jan’s smile was almost sympathetic.

Once her underwear had joined the rest Margaret stood bare and hunched over, using her hands in an attempt at modesty.

“Please sit down and taste the champers. No need for shyness, you have a lovely body.”

Margaret blushed noticeably at the remark and sat quickly, grateful to have her lower half shielded by the table.

Just then the door from the kitchen swung open and Gail entered with a flourish. In her illegal bahis siteleri hands was a small pastry in a foil container adorned with a single lit candle. She placed this before Margaret and stood back as if suddenly aware of Margaret’s nudity.

“Oh, look at you! Where have you been hiding those perky nipples, pet?”

“Okay, I get it, I get it. I was not nice, Gail. I apologize, sincerely. Tell me what you want so I can dress and get out of here please.”

“After we reach a complete understanding.” Jan answered, “Now blow out your candle, make a wish and eat your birthday dinner.”

“It’s not my birthday.”

“But it is. Tonight you are being born again. Now eat. It’s just a frozen pot pie. Not poison.” Jan assured her.

“Our version of humble pie.” Gail couldn’t resist.

Hearing ‘born again’…it flashed on Margaret that she might be at the mercy of a pair of religious nuts. Then they started humming the Happy Birthday tune while motioning her to eat. She decided the sooner she went along with their game the sooner the insanity would end. At least when she blew out the candle and began forking the bland dish into her mouth they left off humming their silly tune.

“It’s fresh out of the microwave so be careful.” Gail goaded, “I forgot your napkin and I would hate to see your scald those cute little tits, pet.”

“Now, now.” Jan hushed her, “Go wait for us in the living room, baby. I know she’s earned it, but our guest will listen to me more attentively without your taunts.”

Instead Gail slipped back into the kitchen. She would be hidden but still hear every word. When the door had closed behind her Jan took a seat next to their guest. Margaret started when Jan reached down and patted one of her bare knees.

“I’m sure you are finding this humiliating…Gail calling you pet… feeling powerless and being the only one naked, but this is a situation you have put others in or at least tried to. Consider this little exercise an empathy injection. If you had been practicing the golden rule you wouldn’t be having this unpleasant experience. Keep eating please.”

Margaret quit dawdling and got busy with her fork. Co-operating was the only way she was going to escape this female Torquemada. The tiny pie seemed to last forever but she finally swallowed a final bite.

“Good girl!” praised Jan, “Now you can satisfy my curiosity on a few points. But first come and stand here in front of me.”

Hesitantly Margaret complied, with arms and hands covering what they could.

“No, no…clasp your hands behind your neck. Don’t be shy. “

On full display, Margaret writhed inwardly at this further humiliation. Good God, when would they feel like they’d gotten their pound of flesh?

“Since we are becoming so intimate I think Margaret is too formal. Peggy sounds friendlier. I looked up your professional bio in the Social Register, Peggy. Very accomplished for a 38 year old lady. From Catholic private schools and all the way to Wharton with top marks. Listed by Forbes.”

“I hate the sound of ‘Peggy’. So are you tormenting me out of some twisted class envy?”

“Hardly that. How old were you when you developed a sexual attraction to women?”

“You’ve no reason to assume I’m that way. I didn’t kiss Gail…I punished her.”

“Come now, Peggy, don’t be obtuse. We’ll be here all night at this rate. You know perfectly well that Gail and I are lovers and we don’t mind a lick that you like to lick and be licked too.”

“Oh what the hell does it matter! As early as puberty I suppose, but I didn’t act on my feelings for years.”

While there was a degree of satisfaction in knocking the lady off her high horse Jan was not doing it to be mean. But having her reduced to the position of supplicant and literally laid bare seemed to make Margaret more ready to relate and hopefully listen.

“I am a research psychologist, not a shrink mind you. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your mental health. What I do think is that your Catholic background along with some repressive formative influences from growing up in the 80’s are still mucking things up for you. Your attitude toward life reflects a good deal of cognitive dissonance.”

“What the hell is that in English?”

“It just means that in key ways your values and actions are in opposition. Probably that has been a major factor in keeping you closeted. Come on out in the fresh air. Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage over a decade ago. We lead the nation in LGBT equality of economic opportunity. No need to take out a full page ad in the Globe but from now on…be yourself. Trust me your firm won’t suffer. It may even grow faster.”

It was hard for Margaret to believe but what seemed a nightmare only minutes ago was feeling less alien by the moment. She had sworn to herself that she would find a way to get the upper hand but that was becoming less likely and not even very important. Her resentment was fading and Jan’s simple open approach beginning to resonate.

“I doubt you’ve been celibate so what do you do for canlı bahis siteleri sex?”

“I’d rather not get into that.”

“Come on Peggy, spill it.”

“If you must know, I use an escort service. Very expensive call girls really.”

“And do they satisfy you?”

“They get paid a lot to do whatever I ask if that’s what you mean.”

“So the answer is no they don’t…otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten caught up in the web you were trying to weave around Gail.”

Margaret looked away guiltily and shifted her stance nervously. Jan took pity on her,

“Don’t get all like that…sit down and relax. I’ll even let you be Margaret again. I’ve kept Peggy standing long enough”

Margaret was grateful. It was embarrassing enough being interrogated stark naked without having her exposed pussy at Jan’s eye level.

“What you’re telling me makes sense even though I hate saying so. It makes me feel that I’ve been incredibly stupid for years.” Margaret admitted meekly.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. The ‘kiss the ass above and kick the one below’ syndrome is pervasive…and very contagious.”

“What I still don’t get is what the two of you want. You haven’t asked for a payoff and if you don’t sic the lawyers on me…what’s it all about?”

“Ah therein, as they say, lies the rub. For the next two years you must agree to become a real mentor to Gail. Even with the substantial fortune she inherited she wants a career like yours. In return she will use your firm to manage the portfolio she plans to build. Who knows…with your help she may mature into a desirable younger partner.”

“And that’s it? I agree and all is forgiven and forgotten?”

Before Jan could even nod Gail burst back into the room and dropped onto one of the chairs.

“Hold everything! I heard every word and I’m good with everything said on one condition.”

“Which is?” Margaret asked ruefully.

“I’m still need to repay that spanking.” Gail’s tone was not only serious but carried a hint of lust.

“Look, you two have made your point and I get it…but enough is enough!”

Even though Jan’s approach had been deliberately objective, almost removed. Gail wanting to take things even further was triggering something in her, an awareness that her cool domination of the very naked and vulnerable Margaret had in fact aroused her. The imagery of Gail slapping that beautiful bare ass was appealing. She realized that a situation that had so far been interesting had also become very sexy.

“Get up, Margaret. Gail is completely within her rights.” Jan said authoritatively. Margaret saw clearly a difference in the look of Jan’s eye. She’d been hoping the ordeal was coming to an end. It had not been pleasant but really no worse than having to endure a negotiation where the other party held the trump hand. This turn toward the unknown froze her in place.

“Stand up right now!” Jan demanded sternly. “Or all bets are off and we are back to making a nice pubic mess for you.”

With no choice, she stood up in front of Jan and Gail replaced her in the chair with a satisfied smile.

“Now what was it you told me earlier…” Gail teased, “Oh yes, I believe it was ‘I want you across my lap like the bad girl you are’.

Before Margaret could muster an argument Gail grabbed her wrist and forcefully yanked her down across her waiting knees. Margaret’s naked ass was up and her thighs slightly apart, her pubic lips just visible to Jan. Instead of rage Margaret felt a creeping arousal. She noticed Jan move behind her to watch and felt even more exposed. She teetered between fear and excitement anticipating what was to come. When Gail’s hand tested the firmness of her ass flesh with a cross between a caress and a squeeze she got goosebumps.

“I just love all this fine blond peach fuzz on your butt, pet.” Gail cooed and then brought her hand down hard on the unprotected ass and Margaret struggled not to scream.

“Oh my,” Gail asked mischievously, “did that sting, pet?”

Before Margaret could answer, Gail brought down a second painful swat on her naked buttocks…and then a third…and a fourth. After a sixth swat she was whimpering and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Gail, you should ease up a bit. Make it a little friendlier. You’ve made her ass is red but from here I can see you’ve also made her pussy glisten. Just feel between her legs, I’d say she’s enjoying her spanking.” Jan suggested.

Jan’s comment burned Margaret’s ears and when she felt Gail’s hand edge in between her thighs, cupping her damp, sensitive nether lips she shivered with both shame and excitement.

“Oh my God, you’re right,” Gail agreed. “She’s soaking wet. She must love this. How many swats have I given her so far? I was having too much fun to count?”

“However many, I think she’s had enough.” Jan interjected, “You turning her on has turned me on too, baby. And having been the arbitrator in all this I think I’m due my fee. Perhaps the last part of this lesson needs to be taught to her in our bed.”

Gail’s pout at having her fun interrupted changed to a smile. She had by then wriggled a pair of fingers into Margaret’s soaked furrow. She pulled them loose and held them up, shiny and wet, for Jan’s inspection. When she made a V sign a thread of Margaret’s nectar hung between the digits.

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