Bait a Hook Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Fireworks

Rob and I snuck off every chance we could to kiss and cuddle, our bodies begging for as much contact as possible. We hadn’t managed a sleepover since the night of the homecoming dance and we were almost desperate for some private time. Fall weather was firmly entrenched and winter was on its way. The end of October our town had its’ annual seafood festival. From what I had heard, it was bigger than the Labor Day festivities. Friday night would be a concert with several food vendors culminating with a fireworks display at nightfall. Saturday there would be craft and food vendors, pony rides, several bands, and a parade.

The buzz around school was high as all the students and faculty seemed to be ready for the celebrations. The Thursday before I had an away track meet and Rob had a football game. We were sad to learn that we couldn’t watch each other. Our team placed third out of 5 schools. Our relay again placed first, and I won the 400m again. I didn’t do as well placing 3rd and 4th in my other two events. I got a text from Rob on the bus ride home learning the football team lost. I was sad for him, but he said it wouldn’t count against them as the school was twice the size as ours and not in our region. Our bus stopped for fast food, which seemed to take forever when all I wanted to do was talk to Rob.

It was almost 11:00 PM when I finally pulled into my driveway and I doubted Rob was still awake to chat. I was surprised to see my phone flashing when I got out of the shower. It was a picture of Rob with a goofy look on his face and the message ‘wanna play?’ I chuckled at his face and left my towel on as I closed and locked my bedroom door before reclining on the bed. ‘What do you have in mind sexy?’ I typed before taking a picture of me in the towel and sending it to him.

Within seconds a video chat window popped up on my phone, we had never done this before, could be interesting. I pushed the accept button and was greeted by his smiling face. “I can’t see you babe, turn a light on.” I reached over and flicked the switch to my bedside light. “Much better.” He said as I saw my face in the corner of the screen. “I was just going to text you sexy things,” Rob said, “but seeing you in that towel gave me this idea.”

Rob slowly moved the camera from his face to his shirtless chest and down to a noticeable bulge tenting his tight gray boxer briefs, before his face came back into view. I gulped before saying “I see what you mean.” I slowly shifted my phone down my bare chest and held it still as I opened the towel and let it fall to either side of me. I heard him moan as my erect cock came into view. I brought the phone back to my face just in time to see him licking his lips.

“Maybe this is a bad idea,” he said. “It’s almost torture; I want to taste you so badly.” I propped my phone on my pillow and scooted towards the end of my bed so my entire body could be in the frame. I heard his moan again as I turned around and got on my hands and knees, shyly looking back at the camera before sticking my finger in my mouth. “So fucking sexy.” I heard Rob say before I turned back around and sat on my butt a little closer to the phone. I took my spit covered finger and began stroking my cock up and down and could tell he was doing the same. “Lose the shorts handsome.” I told him as the camera shifted and I saw him slowly lowering his underwear inch by inch before revealing his manhood. The sight made my mouth fill with saliva as I moaned. He placed his phone in a similar position as I saw his hot furry body and face come into frame. We slowly jerked watching each other until we both came. He took his underwear, and I used my towel to clean up. We sat up for a few minutes talking about how we wished we could be cuddling tonight. I finally fell asleep to his whispered endearments.

I woke up strangely refreshed, my bedside light still on. I picked up my phone still lying next to my head and noticed it was dead. I don’t know if he stayed up watching me, but I plugged it in as I headed to the bathroom.

Rob waited for me in the parking lot and admitted he stayed up watching me sleep for several minutes before he turned off his phone. I blushed as he said how sweet and innocent I looked when I slept, he nudged me saying he knew that I wasn’t that innocent. We laughed as we headed to first period.

At lunch we ate in our normal spots, trying to hide our glances and avoid being found out. Halfway through history class Rob discretely stretched putting his hands behind his head and dropped a small scrap of paper on my desk. I silently opened and flattened it illegal bahis before reading ‘I have the best spot to watch the fireworks, nice and private.’ I grinned and slid the scrap of paper into my pocket. I poked him on the spine to let him know I had read his message.

Rob came by my house around 5:00 PM so we could head downtown for the celebration. The two of us waited in line for some crab muffins when his group came up behind us.

“Why haven’t you been hanging out?” One of the guys asked Rob. I silently cursed myself, knowing he had spent much of his free time with me, and not his friends. I ordered a couple of crab muffins as he had an animated conversation with the group. I stepped away from the table and handed Rob a muffin he took it muttering thanks before he continued talking.

“It’s just weird that you’re best friends with the new kid and don’t hang out with us anymore.” I took that as my cue to walk away but Katie grabbed me and walked with me until we stood 20 feet from the others.

“Hey Bobby, don’t worry about them, they’re just jealous that Rob hasn’t been hanging out much lately.”

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t realize it either, I mean we are good friends and I didn’t think anything of him coming over to fish or just hang out.” I tried to think of some excuse for us always being together.

“It’s ok, play along, I’ve got an idea.” Katie said as she dragged me back to the group before announcing “Bobby is going to come to the bon fire with us tonight.”

Rob cut his eyes at me and I gave him a nervous shrug.

“Should be fun.” Rob said calmly. I knew he would be upset about not getting to show me his secluded spot. We walked around with group barely getting a chance to talk to each other and It drove me crazy. Every once in a while we would catch each others’ eyes as we exchanged pleading looks. We listened to the crappy band singing cover songs. Katie dragged me out in the crowd for a dance and I heard my dad whistling and glanced over and saw a confused look on my mom’s face. Becky tried to drag Rob out, but he stood immovable like a statue with a sour look on his face.

By the time the group made the trek to the bon fire I saw the teepee of wood that hadn’t been started yet. The girls ran over giggling and I finally got a chance to speak to Rob. “Enjoy the dance?” He asked smirking.

“About as much as you did.” I said as I punched his shoulder. He laughed and we shifted closer to the newly lit fire. In the distance I faintly heard the music as I looked longingly into the Bay. Katie brought me a beer which I took and nodded my head in thanks. I sat off to the side and finished my beer. To my surprise Katie came back and handed me another one.

“Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” I teased. She blushed “I’m not one for taking advantage of a handsome young man.” She sat beside me and we chatted as I finished my beer and walked over to toss it in the trash. Out of nowhere Eric, the guy who had confronted Rob earlier, handed me a mason jar.

“Wanna sip?” Eric asked.

“Don’t drink that Bobby.” I heard as I saw Rob sipping on a beer. I didn’t like him calling me out for drinking when he was. I looked at the jar and as I moved it was hit by a strong smell that made me wince. I put the jar to my lips and took three large gulps before almost choking and handing the foul liquid back to its’ owner. Eric laughed as he took a small swig before passing it on.

“That was fucking moonshine Bobby, you don’t chug it.” I hadn’t seen Rob upset, but he clearly was as he headed over to me.

“You should have warned him.” He said glaring at Eric who handed me the jar. “That’s really strong Bobby, you feeling alright?”

I shrugged, not daring to open my mouth for fear that my rebelling stomach would escape the confines of my body. “Come on, sit over here,” he said. I did as directed and he went over to the cooler and came back with a green can. “Take a sip of this; it’ll help settle your stomach.” He opened the can of ginger ale and I took a cautious sip. It did help and I relaxed a little. Taking small sips and deep breaths I calmed down.

“Thanks Rob. I think I’m alright. Sorry about that, I could tell from the smell it was probably a bad idea, but I didn’t like you not wanting me to drink while you had a drink of your own.”

Rob shook his head, “Bobby I don’t care if you drink, I just don’t want you to get drunk, or worse sick. I can see why you would think that because I didn’t have time to explain before you drank half the jar.”

I nodded admitting he was right before I got up to grab a beer to sip on. I felt illegal bahis siteleri a little wobbly on my feet. Rob reached up to stabilize me as I headed towards the cooler. I grabbed a beer and really felt the effects after I leaned down and stood back up. I stumbled back over to Rob who took the beer out of my hands and eased me back beside him.

“Don’t get mad Bobby, but I think you’ve had enough.” Before I had a chance to argue I turned around and my rebelling stomach finally won and I hurled in the sand behind me. Luckily at that moment the fireworks had started, drawing everyone’s attention into the night sky. The colors looked pretty reflecting on the sand, but the booming sound combined with my wrenching stomach made me miserable. Rob sat close by, bravely rubbing my back. I sat up and he helped me stand. “Let’s get you home babe.” He whispered in my ear as he wrapped my arm around his neck and his behind me, and guided me towards the road. We walked through the alleys trying not to draw attention to ourselves as I stopped and heaved again in a bush. Rob was patient and my mind was fuzzy. The fireworks had subsided by the time we got home as my ears were no longer being assaulted with loud booms. I barely remember seeing my parents sitting on the porch, but Rob was talking to them, apparently explaining my behavior as I fought to stay conscious. My dad was carrying something upstairs in front of me as Rob slowly got me to my room. Dad left something on the floor before he exited and my mom quickly replaced him carrying a glass of water and what looked like sheets. She closed the door behind her and I remember being placed on the bed before passing out.

I woke up with a throbbing head and tripped over something on my floor before making it to the toilet throwing up whatever remained inside. I washed up in the bathroom and slowly walked to my room. There was an air mattress blown up in the floor that had sheets on it, ‘weird’ I thought. I was startled when i saw Rob sitting up in my bed shirtless. I looked at him confused and realized I was just wearing my underwear and socks. I closed the door behind me and grabbed the glass of water.

“Just take a couple sips.” Rob said and I listened to his advice before putting the glass down. Looking at the clock I saw it was 5:33 AM.

“What happened? I feel like I was run over.” Rob explained as some of the fog lifted on my memories. He explained that he told my parents someone had given me moonshine and I didn’t know what it was and got a little too excited at trying new things. He said that dad told him he could spend the night. He told me how my dad brought up the air mattress and my mom sheets. He explained removing my shoes and clothes and getting me in bed. He stayed on the air mattress watching me until I started shivering and he couldn’t stand it, so he climbed in the bed with me to cuddle. He held me rubbing my head until he joined me in sleep.

“Thanks Rob, I’m an idiot.” I said taking another sip of water before climbing back in bed.

“I’ll always look after you babe.” He said squeezing me close to him. We slept a couple more hours until there was a knock on the door. Rob jumped out of the bed and on the air mattress before I said, “come in.”

“Morning Bobby, Rob.” Came the way too cheery voice of my dad. “Breakfast is ready.” He left the door open and headed downstairs. Rob went to my dresser opened and closed a few drawers before throwing me a t-shirt and a pair of sweats. He thought about putting on his own clothes, but went back to the dresser and got a pair of my sweats and a t-shirt.

“Get dressed babe.” He said as he slid my way too tight t-shirt on. He was sexy as hell, but the shirt was too small. My sweats weren’t as tight on him as my shirt, but they were nice and snug, had I not felt like crap I would have moaned at the sight. I got dressed and we headed down to the table.

The family greeted us with smiles as Rob and I sat down. Mom brought over two plates and set them in front of us.

“Mmm scrapple.” Rob said as he saw his plate. I looked at my own and recognized two over easy eggs, a piece of toast, and a pan fried gelatinous blob, that assumed was scrapple. My mom rejoined the table and my dad made a show of cutting his eggs letting the yolks flow like a river across his plate. My stomach rebelled and I gagged at the sights and smells in the kitchen. I picked up the toast and slowly nibbled on it as I saw Rob inhaling his food. The rest of the family cleared their plates and set watching me, barely halfway through my piece of toast.

“If you don’t want that I’ll eat it.” Rob said eying canlı bahis siteleri the brown square on my plate. I nodded and before he could stab the, was it meat, I slid him my plate and he handed me his empty one. My mom took Rob’s empty plate and placed a glass of milk in front of me before leaving the kitchen. The rest of the family took her lead while Rob sat happily eating my breakfast. I sipped the milk which calmed my stomach. I was able to get the rest of my toast down and finished my milk as Rob put the last bit of that strange substance into his mouth. He picked up his plate and my glass and placed them in the sink. We headed back upstairs and he changed back into his clothes.

“I should go babe, I’ll check on you later. Get some sleep and maybe we can make it downtown later.” I got back into my bed and he pulled the covers over me gently kissing my temple before he walked out. I got a few hours of sleep in, but was now staring at my ceiling, lacking motivation when I heard a small knock on my door. My mom walked in and closed the door behind her before gently sitting on my bed.

“You feeling alright Bobby?”

“Better, yeah.”

Her voice was almost a whisper this time, “why didn’t you tell me?” she asked looking intently into my eyes.

I pondered what she was asking before saying “I didn’t know it was moonshine mom.”

She shook her head before continuing, “I mean about you and Rob.” I gulped, sure by the look in her eyes that she had figured our relationship was passed the friend stage. “Don’t worry Bobby, I’m not mad. I love you regardless. I haven’t told your father. He should be okay, but it may take some time. You can tell him when you are ready. I assume your sister already knows, as you two share everything.” She finished speaking and bent down to kiss my forehead.

“How’d you know?” I managed to get out as she sat back chuckling.

“I’d have to be pretty naïve not to figure it out Bobby. You’re a different person when he’s around, smiling, full of life. I’ve seen the way you look at each other. I was pretty sure you were a couple when I learned that two of the most handsome men in the school didn’t have dates for homecoming, and were “hanging out” instead. I was positive when you came home the next morning with a hickey the size of a silver dollar.” I blushed and she nudged my shoulder before continuing. “This morning around 4:00 AM I peaked in your room to make sure you were ok, the air mattress was empty, and Rob was snuggled up behind you holding you to him, as if protecting you. He really cares for you.” I’m sure my face and neck were completely red as I heard the latest revelation from my mom. She gave me a hug and walked out of my room. I texted Rob to let him know I was up before I headed to the shower.

Rob was sitting on my bed blushing as I came in and closed the door behind me.

“Why are you blushing?” I asked as I sat beside him on the bed in my towel.

“When I walked in, your mom told me you were in the shower, but I could head on up and wait for you. She whispered in my ear for me to keep the door open before patting my back.” I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips at hearing that. I told him what had happened before my shower and he blushed and nodded at our obvious affections. I made sure he knew that my mom and sister could be trusted, and that my dad didn’t know.

I stood up to get dressed, feeling slightly playful after the events of the day; I dropped my towel and looked over my shoulder as Rob moaned staring at my tight little ass.

“Too bad the door is supposed to be open.” I said as I slid on a pair of boxer briefs and got dressed.

“Tease.” He said slapping my ass as we headed downtown to enjoy what was left of the festivities. I made sure we spent plenty of time with Rob’s group of friends as we walked around checking out the vendors. When the group stopped to watch a band I pulled Rob away. We decided to split a funnel cake, which after one bite, I realized was a bad idea. I enjoyed watching Rob finish it himself as he was covered in powdered sugar. I had to fight the urge to help him clean up with my tongue.

He walked me home around sunset and we went and sat on the dock. Holding hands we admired the pink and orange sky as an occasional orange or yellow leaf fell out of the trees. He squeezed my hand to get my attention.

“I love you Bobby.” He said as he kissed my forehead. My heart swelled and fluttered at the same time.

“I love you too Rob.” I said as I kissed his needy lips. We shared a slow and passionate kiss trying to put our feelings into the action. He sucked my bottom lip and an audible ‘pop’ was heard as we separated.

“I’ve gotta head home babe, but I’ll see you tomorrow.” He stood and helped me to my feet. Placing one last kiss on my lips before he headed home.

*The story continues in Chapter 9*

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