Becoming an Au Pair Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Mrs. Stovenson

I have known Mr. and Mrs. Stovenson (Mike and Nancy) for my entire 18 years, we live next door to them, growing up they would babysit me when mum and dad would go out. When I was about 15 or so I started to babysit for them. I would look after their kids Greg 9 and Lisa 7.

Mr. Stovenson is an attractive man and growing up I had a crush on him, I would often sit in my room and day dream about him he is of average height and slim but with muscle he does not have a 6 pack but his abs are defined, he has short brown hair, my room also had a view into their backyard and I would spy on him in the pool or in the backyard. Sometimes I would spy on Mrs. Stovenson, she is very attractive, long blonde hair, a little shorter then her husband and has a slim toned figure, she is tanned and that is when I have been able to spy on her, when she is in the backyard tanning.

Babysitting Greg and Lisa was easy money for me, they are good kids although Greg is getting a little difficult now, but what do you expect he is now 12 but all in all they are good, they do as they are asked and are usually in bed early. Mr. and Mrs. Stovenson allow me to use the TV and internet as I please, and a few weeks ago I was browsing the web when I came across some ‘adult’ sites in the history. I knew I shouldn’t but I clicked on them and was shocked to see that they (I assume it was Mike) was looking at websites that showed older men and younger woman. Some of the situations involved incest and others were almost as bad with men and babysitters.

My mind started to race at the thought that Mr. Stovenson was looking at these sites and possible thinking of me. My pussy started to tingle as I clicked though the pictures. The young women were dressed in school uniforms without panties and the men were licking their pussies and fucking them. It was such a turn on looking at the pictures, although none of the woman looked young the idea that they were was enough. The series of pictures that aroused me the most was one that involved what looked like a husband and wife with a babysitter. The woman was going down on the babysitter and the illegal bahis husband was getting a blow job from the girl. It ended with all three embracing in an orgy.

While clicking through these pictures my own pussy was getting wetter and wetter and beginning to throb. I slid a hand down and begin to play with myself. The thought of being with both Mr. and Mrs. Stovenson was such a turn on, I was no longer looking at the pictures, I had my own image conjured up and it was more then enough. My fingers dancing around my pussy and playing with my clit it was not long before I climaxed. When I was done I clicked though a few more images and found one of a young girl in a school uniform being fucked by an older man. I suddenly had an idea. I erased the history showing that I had been in the site and shut down the computer. It was not long until they arrived home anyway. Mr. Stovenson was a little tipsy so Mrs. Stovenson put him to bed before coming down stairs to give me some money. She had changed into a thin night gown that was sheer. I could see that she was not wearing a bra as her breasts were visible though the thin material. She handed me some money and asked how the kids were. As I told her they were fine I could not take my eyes off her chest.

Either Mrs. Stovenson did not notice or she was happy to give me a look because she made no effort to hide, her nipples were pointing through the material and like a moth to the flame I was drawn to them. My panties were growing wet from the situation all the while Mrs. Stovenson talked to me like nothing was wrong. She asked how my party went for my 18th birthday a few weeks earlier. I told her it went okay. I told her that it was good to taste alcohol ‘legally’ we both had a laugh. Mrs. Stovenson then offered me a drink and said that Mike was out like a light and that she was the driver and was not able to drink and she was dying for one. I agreed and she poured us both a glass of wine.

I sipped my wine while we continued to talk, I could not take my eyes off her chest as she spoke I watched her chest rise and fall. My panties were well and truly soaked at this point. After a second illegal bahis siteleri glass of wine Mrs. Stovenson took the conversation towards sex. She asked if I had any boyfriends, I told her that I was single at the moment, in fact I had been single for a while I remarked. She then asked if I was a virgin. This took me by surprise; she quickly apologized and told me that I did not have to answer. I don’t know if it was the wine or the fact that I was horny but I told her that I was a virgin but I had felt up boys and been felt up before, I told her that I had also given a blowjob once.

Mrs. Stovenson did not believe me that I was a virgin and commented that I must have all the boys sniffing around. I almost chocked on my drink. I assured her that no; I do not have the boys chasing me down. Mrs. Stovenson asked me to stand up, I did as she asked, and she then asked me to turn around slowly to which I did. She made an mmm noise as I did. When I was done I sat back down. Mrs. Stovenson then asked if I wanted to lose my virginity. I could not hold my sarcasm back “Well duh” is all I could manage.

Mrs. Stovenson then leant in and kissed me on the lips. I melted as she did. It was not long before both of us were kissing more passionately her breath tasted of the sweet wine. I could feel her breasts through the material as they rubbed against mine I could fell my nipples getting harder. Mrs. We continued to kiss and Mrs. Stovenson began to rub my chest through my shirt, I returned the favor and rubbed her breasts too. My clit was now throbbing and my nipples rock hard. Mrs. Stovenson lifted my top over my head and unclasped my bra. My breasts sprung out, my nipples reacted to the cool air. Mrs. Stovenson gently rubbed my nipples and rolled them around between her fingers. The sensation was driving me crazy, as she played with my nipples she also kissed me, I thought was going to climax from this sensation only. Suddenly she stood up and removed her night gown, I was shocked to see that she was completely naked, her pussy was shaven clean, I could see her clit was throbbing too. She is nicely tanned and has no tan lines at all, canlı bahis siteleri her breasts large and firm.

She was now sitting down again completely naked while I was topless. Quickly Mrs. Stovenson removed my pants and with them my panties. Now completely nude we sat on the couch, I shuffled over to her again and we continued to kiss. Our hands exploring each others bodies as we kissed, her skin was soft and warm. I rubbed her breasts and she let out a few light moans. Mrs. Stovenson was soon on top of me, she slid down until she was on her knees between my thighs. As she slid down she kissed me softly until I could fell her breath of my pussy. She continued to kiss and was soon kissing the folds of skin of my pussy I was ready to explode before she flicked her tongue out across my pussy lips, her tongue lightly flicked across my clit that was it my body tensed up she continued to lick away softly, I could feel my toes tingling and knew that I was about to climax, Mrs. Stovenson did not let up she continued to lick away her warm saliva and the cool air provided a sensation that I had never felt. The tingling was now moving up my body to the tips of my ears then like a blot of lightning shot straight down to my clit. I could not contain myself as I let out a scream, my whole body tingling and shaking. Mrs. Stovenson looked up at me; I reached for a pillow and covered my mouth as she continued to lap away at my pussy. Mrs. Stovenson sucked away at my clit and pussy, her fingers gently massaging the clit as she did so. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over me as she did not stop.

After the fourth orgasm I think, she stopped, I was panting and out of breath, before I could recover Mrs. Stovenson quickly inserted a finger deep in my pussy, she withdrew it and pushed it back in, she quickly built speed as she fucked me with her finger. Faster and faster she went, as she did she was fingering her own pussy at the same pass. I could tell that she was nearing climax herself, I was not far off either. I reached for the pillow again as yet another orgasm swept over me. Mrs. Stovenson let out a yelp as she climaxed.

Now collapsed on the floor Mrs. Stovenson looked up at me, without batting an eye told me that now I was not a virgin. I could not move I was still very tense. Mrs. Stovenson looked up at me again and again with a straight face told me that next time Mike will have to join us.

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