Skating Lessons Ch. 5

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Big Tits

I felt the cool sheets under my hips as I slowly rolled onto my stomach for my lover. He gently guided my hips up as he slid a couple pillows under my hips. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but so far he had aroused me like no one had in my entire life.

He gently slid cuffs around my hands and feet until once again I was laying completely exposed to him but this time face down. I wiggled impatiently against the pillows and then I felt a warm liquid drip down along my spine.

I felt his warm strong hands slide through the scented almond oil gently spreading it in long slow strokes from my hips up to my shoulders. His fingertips kneading the muscles which had been knotted through the week with stress.

It was incredible how he could make my skin tingle with every stroke as he added more oil and massaged slowly up along my arms. Caressing even my fingertips and palms. I moaned softly into the pillow letting myself completely relax.

I felt the warm oil drip along my right and then my left thigh, calf all the way to my upturned feet. He continued the sensuous long strokes caressing and massaging my skin. His fingertips running up from my ankle to my inner thigh.

I kept waiting for his fingertip to slip between my thighs but he just kept massaging everywhere but the obvious pleasure zone. I was feeling more and more aroused and I started to wiggle slightly feeling the need to move my clit against the soft sheets needing some friction.

I felt his warm breath caressing along my neck as he gently lifted my hair and swept it to the side. Those warm firm lips trailed soft kisses across my shoulder blades and slowly down the center of my spine.

I felt him slide down and kiss the sensitive inner ankle then the back of each knee. His tongue darting out to lick softly up along my inner thighs and when I thought I would feel his touch across my now swollen pussy lips I felt him get up from the bed.

I still had my blindfold on and I could hear him rummaging through one of his dressers. I had no idea what to expect next but my body was totally on edge and completely aroused.

I felt the bed dip slightly as he sat down next to me again. I felt him dripping more oil down along my lower spine with some of it dripping down between my asscheeks. I wiggled trying to stop it from slipping lower as it was tickling my skin.

I heard his warm rich laughter as he reached out a fingertip and began to slide the oil across my low back and down across my full erotik film izle ass cheeks. I felt his fingertip gently slide between the crevice.

I could feel the slick oil as he slid his fingertip back and forth running little trails across my skin. I smiled as his warm lips kissed the little dimples on my back just above my buttocks. Then I sucked in my breath as I felt his hands gently part my buttocks.

I didn’t have time to react and suddenly felt his warm wet tongue sliding in a soft stroke along the crevice. I felt his hand spreading me wider and then I felt the most incredible sensation as his tongue made little circles as he began to gently rim my anus.

“OMG”…I was in total shock as the words escaped my lips. I couldn’t believe he was doing this forbidden act with me. No one had ever kissed me there before. I was mortified and aroused beyond belief. I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to stop or continue.

My body involuntarily began to wiggle up against him as his tongue began to gently spear into my anus. I felt his tongue probing trying to gain entrance.

A moment later his lips left my skin only to be replaced by his fingertip. The same small circles around spreading the oil and making me so slick. Then I felt him sliding a fingertip inside me. I held my breath as my anus relaxed letting his finger slide all the way inside.

“Ohhhhh”, I moaned as he began to gently work his finger inside me.

“Shhhhh…there is more I will show you if you will let me. Would you like me to continue?”

I couldn’t find the words but my head nodded affirmatively as he slipped his finger from me. I felt another object at my anus and I felt the warm lubricant he had dripped across my anus sliding between my cheeks.

“I just want you to relax for a moment.”

I held my breath as I felt him beginning to slide something inside me. I wasn’t sure what it was as one after another little objects were inserted into my tight anus. I felt a couple more follow and I began to feel a fullness inside me.

“What are those”, I asked anxiously?

“Anal beads…Just relax and enjoy them. I promise this will give you pleasure.”

I felt him spreading my cheeks again and his tongue began to lick around my anus and then slowly down to my wet pussy lips. I felt his tongue searching for my swollen clit.

The sensation of his tongue sliding back and forth across my clit was electric. I felt his fingers beginning to slide slowly inside my pussy gently film izle fingering me as his mouth suckled my clit to hardness.

Then I felt another sensation as he told me to tighten my buttocks and I felt him gently pulling the first bead from my anus. I felt the tingling as I tried to keep it inside as well as from his tongue licking across my now moist pussylips.

I felt my hips moving rhythmically as I needed to find relief. I felt him tugging gently as he removed the second bead and I thought I would explode with pleasure. I was so sensitive and the feeling of the bead sliding from me had my nerves tingling.

I felt his mouth suckling my clit as he began to slide the third bead and I felt myself thrusting but not sure for what. I just needed to move and couldn’t stay still although the restraints held me from moving very much.

I felt my pussy beginning to clinch along with my anus as he teased me with the forth bead. I felt like my body was becoming consumed with fire and I was starting to writh against the soft satin sheets.

I felt the last bead slide from me and I felt a sense of disappointment as I had not yet reached my climax. My senses were strained from all of this foreplay and I needed something but I wasn’t sure what.

I felt my lover slide over me with his warm body pressed against mine. His arms wrapped around me holding me close as I felt his swollen cock nudging against my pussy.

His warm breath caressed my neck in a kiss and I could hear his soft moans of pleasure as he gently slid his cock inside me. God it felt so incredible as he slid to the hilt and just rested there a moment completely inside me.

I felt him begin a slow rhythm and I arched back against him needing to feel him sheathed inside me. I felt his breath at my ear soft but strained as he slowly slid from me and stopped all motion.

I felt his cock slide up between my asscheeks. I thought he had just somehow missed my pussy. I felt his rigid cock slick with my juices and the lubricant running along the crevice. I was still sensitive from the anal beads and I rubbed back against him slightly squeezing my cheeks and tingling in response.

I felt his hand guiding his cock and I felt his cockhead sliding against my anus and I trembled. I could feel his breath constricting and I felt him pressing against my virgin anus and I realized he was going to enter me.

“Omg…..”, my moan escaped as I felt the tip of his cockhead pressing and gently slipping inside seks filmi izle me.

“Do you want me to stop?”

There was silence for a moment and I felt him relax the pressure of his cockhead against my anus. Then a voice, I realized was my own whispered,”No…pleaseee.”

I felt him resume pressing against me and I felt the resistance give way as his cockhead popped inside my virgin asshole. I felt my anus tingling with pleasure and slight pain. I could feel his control as he gently pressed deeper as his cock began to slip inside me.

I was so aroused that I lifted my hips pressing back against him taking him deeper inside as he stretched me completely. I moaned louder as he began working his cock slowly in and out in long slow strokes until I felt his balls slapping against my asscheeks.

“Uhmmmmm…oh yes pleaseeeee”, I heard my voice moaning as he continued his thrusts while his other hand managed to gently massage my swollen clit.

I felt his warm breath ragged now with passion as he thrust faster and faster until I felt my pussy spasming and his cock thrusting rapidly. I felt his warm cum shooting deep inside my ass and his body collapsing down against me.

His warm arms wrapped around me holding me close as he pressed soft kisses to the side of my face and neck while buried deep inside me. I had never felt anything like this.

My body was one big mass of nerves all tingly and overstimulated from his erotic foreplay and passionate lovemaking. This guy had the most incredible stamina and sensuality I had ever experienced in my life.

Slowly he slid from me and untied my bonds. He brought a warm cloth and cleaned me then wrapped a warm blanket around us as he gathered me into his arms. He smiled looking down at me and held my face in his hands.

“Now you have fullfilled the bet. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“You have to ask”, I teased playfully as he leaned down and kissed my lips.

“Are you going to be free next weekend”, he asked as he played with a strand of my long blonde hair. Slowly brushing it away from my face.

“Yes I can be…but only if we get to reverse our roles.”

“What do you mean?”

I smiled at him as I slowly unbuckled the leather collar around my neck and placed it in his hands. He looked at me and smiled as he held the soft leather collar in his hands.

“Are you ready to submit your control to me?”

He laughed that wonderful rich laugh of his and kissed me softly on my lips. Then lifting up his head he looked down at me.

“Your slave will await you for whatever lessons you will be willing to share with him.”

I smiled at my lover knowing that next time would be another sensual lesson in love…

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