The Secret Career

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When we were six or seven years old, we played a game; doctor. We chose one to be the doctor, another to be the person to take our names as we arrived and the rest of us were patients. Like in real hospitals, we went in with a frown and came out with a smile. I never wondered why until it was my turn that first time. We always chose Jeffrey as the doctor since he was the oldest and age meant brains to us. He knew what he was doing. A few years later, Jeffrey moved away with his family and we never saw him again. We also stopped playing doctor. It wasn’t the same without him.

Three weeks ago, I ran into him while doing my shopping with my oldest daughter. Twenty years changed a person and although he had been cute in his childhood, he was handsome and charming in adulthood. It was easy to recognize one another and his face glowed when he saw me.

“My, my, Naomie, you haven’t changed! Its good to see you again after all these years!”

“Indeed it is, Jeffrey. What becomes of you?”

“Well, you probably won’t be surprised but I’m a doctor now.” with that he laughed. “What about you?”

“Oh, I’m just a stay-at-home-mother-and-wife. Married with two kids. This is my oldest daughter, Jessica, she’s seven years old.”

“Nice to meet you little one. Well, I’ll let you do your thing. Come by my place someday and we can chat some more.”

He handed me his card, gave me a hug and left.

It took me weeks to decide that I should go see him to catch up on good times as odd as they were and that’s how I ended up here. He worked from his own personal office in his home. It was well equipped and I sat on the hospital bed while he answered the phone.

Hours passed as we talked and laughed. Eventually he decided to let me tour the rest of illegal bahis the house. It was large and didn’t surprise me. When he showed me his room, it left me stunned somewhat. It was the room he had always described that he’d one day have. I walked in and sat on the bed to test the comfort of it, it was just as he’d described it as a child.

He smiled and joined me on the bed, resting on his back, behind me. I continued looking around the room since it was the type of room that you could never get tired of looking at. There was always a detail that you missed no matter how long or how many times you looked at it. In my assessment of the room, I hadn’t noticed the sudden silence but I did suddenly feel his fingers tracing the skin of my lower back that my shirt didn’t hide.

“You’re still as beautiful, Naomie. As a kid, you were the only one who got the special treatment when we played. The others got boring time sitting and waiting. Only you did I kiss and show the pleasures of the body.”

His hand slid around my waist to my stomach, stroking the rim of my pants slowly. I sighed and moved to lay down on my side beside him, giving him time to move his hand. He turns on his side to face me and suddenly he was kissing me, slowly turning me over onto my back so that he could come on me.

I turned my head and that only made him choose to kiss my neck. “Jeffrey, I’m married.”

He pulled back and looked at me, “It doesn’t matter. We can play like we once did.”

I laughed at the thought while he grinned. I wanted him, wanted more of what he could offer me at this point so I nodded and got up. He took my hand and led me back to his work office. “This time, we’ll even use costumes.” as he spoke, he presented me a hospital gown. I laughed illegal bahis siteleri but nodded and went into a side room to change. I could hear him changing too. Like at the hospital, I removed all but my underwear, even my bra.

When I came out of the changing room, he was sitting at his desk, writing on a paper. I walked over to the desk and told him I was changed. He smiled and indicated for me to sit on the bed.

“Now, we’ll get started with this genecological test.” he grinned as I opened my legs the way I would with my doctor for my yearly check up.

His hands slid up my legs slowly, feeling my skin. Eventually, he made it to my panties and I lifted my butt so that he could pull them down. I rested the rest of my body on the bed and waited for him to continue. He was the doctor after all.

“Hmmm,” he whispered. His fingers were lightly tracing my lips and vagina. “Very wet, that could indeed be a problem.”

He suddenly pulled me closer so that my legs were off the bed and he was standing between them. His light fingers started slipping from my vagina to my clitoris, spreading my juices before he began a slow, circular motion on my clitoris. With his free arm, he pulled me up in a semi-seated position to see my face. “Tell me where it hurts, beautiful.”

I closed my eyes and remembered when he had done this exact thing to me when we were younger, it hadn’t felt like it felt now but it made it even better to know he was remembering too. “I seem to hurt a little inside, doc.” I whispered.

His fingers slowly inched downwards to enter me and he slid them in and out in a regular rhythm that got me yearning for more quickly. As he watched me writhe at his touch, he leaned down and started teasing my clitoris with his canlı bahis siteleri tongue. That was a new touch from him and I couldn’t wait for the whole thing.

He made me go by fingering and licking me. When I sat up I noticed that his hand was in his pants and it made me smile that he had been masturbating himself while he pleasured me. I got up and threw the gown onto the bed as I pushed him back against the cabinets. I started kissing him but my hands were busy pushing off his pants to that I could find that hard member that had grown since I had last seen it.

I took him in my hand and it wasn’t long before I finished the job he had begun himself and felt him ejaculating over my naked stomach. I could feel it slide down between my lips and against my clitoris. As soon as he went, he stepped out of the pants and removed the shirt, finally taking me against him tightly as he walked me over to one of his large leather chairs. He sat in it and settled me on top.

I rode him while he licked and nibbled my breasts. I could feel his breathing accelerating with each bounce and feel him throb as he controlled himself. Finally, I went around him, tightening my walls so suddenly that he came too. That was something we had never done and the memory would stay with me forever.

He held me tightly after, not moving to be out of me. “Why aren’t you married?” I asked him suddenly.

“I haven’t found the one for me. Actually, I did but I wasn’t the one for her.”

With those words, I felt like he was pointing a finger at me so I had to ask. “Is that me?”

The look he gave me answered the question itself. To ease him, I lifted my left hand to his face and showed him that I wore no ring. His surprise made it clear he hadn’t noticed so I felt I had to explain.

“After I saw you, three weeks ago. I spent a week thinking of you, dreaming of you, pleasuring myself to the memories with you. The second week, I felt like I was already betraying the man so I left him. And this week, here I am.”

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